Renew your vision

GNF Gallery is one of Brussels’ top contemporary art galleries, where the best emerging artists show their work. Our corporate programme benefits also from their extraordinary creativity with its offer of inspirational workshops. Based on the work of our curators and artists, these TED-like workshops are the ideal inspirational breaks to help you and your team take a new and fresh perspectives on key business topics by looking at them from an artistic point of view. Here’s a peak at what’s on offer:

Creativity, communications and teamwork

  • Going Viral: When Brands Become Art
  • Power Art: How Artists Create Impact-Driven Images
  • Collective Art Works: What Art Teaches Us About Teamwork
  • Visual Instinct: Art Techniques to Think Bigger

Team-building, corporate image and citizenship

  • Corporate Image: Stories of Corporate Art Collections and Their Impact
  • The Beauty and The Office: On the Benefits of Art in the Workplace
  • In Good Company: Commissioning Art Works as a Way to Build Corporate Identity